How Active Living Inspires Me

How Active Living Inspires Me

A few years ago, after a massage from our RMT Jon, he told me that I should consider putting on as much muscle mass as possible to help with my hypermobility. We joked about me becoming a bodybuilder but he goes “it wouldn’t be a bad idea”.
Fast forward to now- I’ve been lifting consistently since summer 2018. I have found passion in the sport of powerlifting and hope to compete once competitions are running again. I still plan on doing what we call a “mock meet” where I test my lifts as we would in a competition but it’s for my own purposes and I am not competing against anyone else.
My current heaviest lifts completed to date are:
210lb Back Squat
115lb Bench Press
250lb Conventional Deadlift
My team at ALC not only helps me physically to ensure that my body is in prime performance condition, but they are also an incredible support system for me. I am so grateful to get to work with these humans!