Kelowna in July

Kelowna in July

Hello Everyone,

It’s blog post time again and we all know what that means… write about something politically correct. So here it goes.
Summer is a wonderful time of ice cream and boating. Camping is in full swing and at night the stars light up the darkness. Families play in the park and at the beach. Pets lay in the shade and wait for ice cream spills. The air smells like suntan lotion and hot sand. The warm rain has given us clean air and green foliage in July. The sails flap as kids learn to navigate the lake in a laser. Motorcycles rumble down the boulevard and e-bikes zip down the rail trail.
The only thing better than Kelowna in July is Kelowna in August. Hope y’all have a brilliant summer.
Jon Wotherspoon
Pictured: Hudson(4) & Beau(1)