AcuYoga – Tell Me More!

AcuYoga – Tell Me More!

You may have heard about the AcuYoga classes we have been hosting right here at the clinic.

It sounds awesome! but what is it exactly?

The 1 hour yoga class is lead by Chiropractor and Yoga Instructor, Dr. Stephanie Beveridge. This is followed by a 30-minute Acupuncture assisted Savasana with Registered Acupuncturist, Nicole Albertson.

There is a theme for each class.  The mood is set, and the yoga poses and Acupuncture points are selected based on the theme of the class.

  • We are running a seasonal Acuyoga series, which run on or around the solstices and equinox’s.

    Summer solstice
    Fall equinox
    Winter solstice
    Spring equinox

    This series helps to prepare you for the shift in the seasons – both mentally and physically.

We will also be hosting Acuyoga classes through the year with different themes such as yoga for detox and stress reduction.

Our classes are intimate and limited to 8 people so you need to sign up early.

The classes are available but not limited to our patients of the clinic. So please feel free to bring a friend and make an evening of it!

We supply yoga mat and blocks.  Please bring something to keep you warm during your Acupuncture Savasana.

Also, the fee for the class can be submitted to your extended health coverage plan for reimbursement (Acupuncture only).

We hope to see you in our next AcuYoga  class! To check for upcoming availability – head over to online booking HERE.

Nicole & Steph