Biodynamic Craniosacral 

Biodynamic Craniosacral 

Some of you reading this have already heard of craniosacral massage, and some have not. In this month’s blog post I’m giving a quick primer on craniosacral massage and some of its indications or reasons for possibly choosing this type of treatment.

Craniosacral has been around for as long as there has been people. When we hold babies we naturally tend to support them in their sacral region (buttocks) and their cranium (head). This gives them the feeling of support, comfort and connection. Regardless of age or species, if a mammal of any kind is supported in those two regions, that body’s nervous system can be “reset” with what is called a still point. This still point can be encouraged through many places on the body (even the feet).

Our brains all have pumps inside called ventricles which pump a fluid called cerebral spinal fluid around the inside of our heads and spines. This fluid is like the plasma in our blood and it nourishes our nervous system, cushions our brain and affects how we feel and heal. If we can shift how it flows then we can shift how it works. The motion of this fluid is considered to be a type of respiration just like breathing is.

Biodynamic craniosacral is a modernized school of thought where the principles of cranial sacral and osteopathic 2 point holds are amalgamated to potentially affect just about any area of the body. These techniques can calm anxiety, help shift out of fight or flight and correct muscle and joint pain/spasms.

I hope that if any of this sounds interesting to you, before booking in for a massage and trying these treatments, please google some of these concepts I have briefly suggested and familiarize yourself with the topic further. Being well informed helps a patient reach their expectations much easier. Being open minded can’t hurt either.

Now put down your phone and go outside.

-Jon Wotherspoon RMT