Palm Trees, Giraffe’s, & Ice Cream in Palm Springs

Palm Trees, Giraffe’s, & Ice Cream in Palm Springs

    This winter, we took our kids down to Palm Springs!

We got to stay in a fancy house that had 2 orange trees in the front yard, and grapefruit and lemon trees in the back. Needless to say, we were juicing everyday.

 There were heated pools in the neighbourhood, so we went swimming everyday too!

We hiked the Andreas Canyon trail, which is about 1 mile long and follows a creek that is surrounded by giant palm trees up into the mountains. It had been raining a little that morning, so there was this amazing fragrance in the air. It was good to have the palm trees above us, because things warmed up quick once the clouds moved away.

 The rock formations were incredible!

We also checked out the Living Zoo, where Frances and Beatrice got to feed giraffes and ride on camels.

They also got to feed nectar to the Lorikeets, who would swarm you as soon as you entered their lair!

 And of course we would end the days adventures with ice cream from Lappert’s, a definite Palm Springs experience!

 Thank you Palm Springs, we love you and miss you already!

-Chris Carlson, RMT