Did you know that Massage Therapists can treat more than just muscle tissue?

Did you know that Massage Therapists can treat more than just muscle tissue?

Integrated Facial Series

Over the past two and a half years Chris Carlson, RMT, and I have taken part in a nine-part workshop called Biodynamic Fascial Integration. Both Chris and I found it exceptionally pertinent to the care and treatment we provide our patients.

The first three series introduced us to the techniques of Cranial Sacral Therapy, Visceral massage, and Myofascial release. The remainder of the series focused on each area of the body and applying the first three skills to treat various conditions. We were also able to hone our anatomy and physiology knowledge as it relates to the structure and function of each area of the body. Using an approach that is more holistic in nature, we were able to treat the body as a unique structure, where each tissue and layer plays an important role and has a relationship to other areas of the body.

One major take home from this series is that required function of each part of the body determines its’ structure, and that the structure needs mobility to function in its’ intended way. When we lose our mobility through undue stress, strain, or trauma this lack of mobility has a direct effect on the structures of the body.

Chris and I both loved taking this series. It has helped us expand our overall knowledge of the human body, and confirmed that a RMT’s job is not just to affect the muscle tissue. We can and should treat all structures and tissues that are effected.

Please feel free to speak to either one of us about the course or techniques we have learned. We look forward to seeing you at the clinic!

Sarah Cicchine, RMT