Good Health Starts with your FEET!

Good Health Starts with your FEET!

Are your shoes shaped like your feet or are your feet shaped like your shoes? What do your feet look like? Are you spending most of your day in something like this?

Unfortunately, as soon as we start walking, we start covering up our feet and forcing them into shoes that do not support healthy feet. Fashion mostly does not create function. Our feet spend the majority of their day covered and unable to get proper feedback from different environments. Our feet are full of sensory and nerve endings that provide our brains with information on stability, balance, texture, and ability to support our body through movement. Issues in our feet can lead to complaints up the chain in our knees, hips, and backs. Take a look at a baby’s foot before it has time to adapt to shoe wear. Out feet should be widest through the toes and forefoot!

Looking for new shoe wear? Flexible, thin, minimal lift and a wider toe box are important to keep in mind! Try taking out the insole and see if your toes splay over, if they do the shoes won’t be supportive in allowing your feet to move. Sometimes rigid footwear can’t be avoided; construction boots, figure skates, ballet shoes, for example, but it’s what you’re doing outside of the footwear that counts.

DO YOUR FEET need some LOVE???


Get barefoot, walk and step on different textures

Stretch your feet and toes

Activate and strengthen your intrinsic foot muscles

Roll the bottom of your feet

Get your feet worked on – Chiropractic care isn’t just for your spine!

A Few Resources for foot health and shoe wear:

**We now carry these in office!**

Dr. Steph Beveridge, DC