Routine. Revolution

Routine. Revolution

Conventionalism is so (yawn) conventional.

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, big business, with their sights set on big profit, have been telling folks how it is.

The “how it is”, that I have been compelled to focus on in my career, is how and with what we’ve been influenced to clean our homes and bodies.

Maybe at the beginning, there was not an intentional consensus to use harmful chemicals.

I imagine people were just really excited about finally getting clean.  But as time rolled on, manufacturers became aware the chemicals they were putting into these “clean” products were anything but and could in-fact, make people sick.

The problem is, that it’s easy to defer accountability within a big corporation and pass the buck because dollars are dollars and people trusted the brands (and, why wouldn’t they?)

their mothers and grandmothers always used.

Well, my dears, 200 + years later the beginning of a revolution opposing the revolution has blossomed and is in full force.

People are questioning, educating themselves and realizing they no longer have to (unless big business magically sprouts a conscious) subscribe to big business and their ingredients OR methods any longer.

Smaller business that are passionate about a different kind of green are spreading roots and the people who are watching, can see the genuine from the plastic.

Plenty of beautiful home and body care options are at last becoming available for people, using safe ingredients provided by nature.

There are so many methods of self-care that have not been explored or are resurfacing after centuries of being out of fashion.

We at routine are passionately and consciously creating new products we hope will enhance routines (pun intended) and defy conventions, just as our deodorant line has done for the past 6 years-onto lucky no. 7!

We’re calling it the routine revolution.

Who’s in?

Neige Blair

co-founder & olfactory visionary


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