Escape to Iceland in the Winter?  Sure! Why not!

Escape to Iceland in the Winter? Sure! Why not!

Before heading to Iceland in January for a family holiday we often got a shocked and surprised response.  Although it was cold, windy, and dark for 19 hours of the day, I would have to say it was my favourite holiday to date! The beauty of Iceland is breathtaking.  The waterfalls, the vast landscape, the volcano’s, the ocean, the amazingly friendly Icelandic people and the furry and magical Icelandic horses are just some of the reasons that make Iceland a truly magical place.

The entire country is home to only 300,000 people, half of which live in the capital Reykjavik.  Once you hit the road to see the country, you encounter mountains, farm land, wild horses, waterfalls, geothermal hot pools, volcanoes, ocean, black sand beaches, glacier lagoons, the list goes on. The green moss is soft enough to lay on, watching the waterfalls feels soul cleansing, talking to the locals is refreshing, the air is so fresh, the water is so clean.  You can actually drink from any of the streams as long as the water is flowing.

If your looking for a travel experience like no other, definitely consider heading to Iceland!

I always love to chat about my travels so if you would like more details about Iceland I’m happy to share more of my experiences!

Nicole Albertson, B.Sc, R.Ac