Fresh Air Women’s Race & Strong Kids 2015

Fresh Air Women’s Race & Strong Kids 2015

After 32 years in East Kelowna, the Fresh Air Women’s Race was moved to City Park this year. The feedback from runners was positive and what a great day for a race!

What we love about this event is it encourages all women to come out and race. The support from seasoned runners creates a great sense of community to those just starting out. And the best part is the money raised from the event goes back to the community to support women’s charities.

For the past few years Fresh Air has partnered up with the YMCA Strong Kids Run campaign to get kids from age 2-12 running and raise money for kids in the community. It is so much fun to watch these kids run!

As always it was fun to volunteer at the race and get our hands on some athletes! Looking forward to next year!!